About No Love

No Love / لا حب / Keine Liebe

1 The lack of sympathy and remorse towards these hoes

2 No Love represents the fashionable cool guys who deny women to rule their lives by not letting these hoes take away their joy and passion for something and putting up with their bullshit. We do not tolerate their egocentric thinking. No Love stands for all the well-dressed fuck boys out there breaking hearts and doing their thing. We are the assholes hoes fall in love with. The boys who are in close contact with many women and using all the tricks out of the playbook to melt their hearts and to get inside their panties in style. Better pray your daughter never runs into guys like us. We turn good girls bad because love is a game for us. First they fall in love with us, then we let them fall. Women love us - but we got No Love for them.

3 “Show No Love cuz love will get you killed“ - Curtis Jackson

It’s a survival mode. We make moves while avoiding the weakness coming along with love. One is the need to be loved. We trust no one. Nature gave us instincts. We stay focused and keep our visions tunnelled. There is no time for strong feelings of affection. No Love - representing a lifestyle: